CARGOMAX is proud to be a 100% Brazilian company and leader in the manufacture of equipment for loading and unloading. We have operated in the Brazilian market since 2002 providing a complete line of equipment and integrated solutions, including for projects of installation renewal, enabling outdated buildings can changed into modern and efficient cargo docks with the use of the most appropriate dock levelers.

As a supplier of solutions for loading and unloading, we also offer special equipment for custom-made solutions with efficiency and safety ensured due to the long experience of our professionals in more than 40 years working in the segment of dock levelers.

Sized according to European standards and safety rules, Cargomax dock levelers became safe and efficient resources to overcome a warehouse vehicle-dock interface. With use of this technology, the vehicle can be loaded or unloaded safely within minutes by one only person using a forklift or a pallet truck. The critical factors for a good project are: load characteristics, handling equipment available, height difference between the several types of vehicles, frequency in use and the layout of the installation. The influence of these factors is complex and the opinion of a specialist is essential.

Constantly investing in machinery for modernization of our industrial park, installers’ training and maintenance, in 2011 Cargomax invested more heavily in information technology, process improvement and infrastructure: the result is the improvement of decision-making and visualization of performance indicators of the company globally. In 2012, investments reached the manufacturing plant of Duque de Caxias city in Rio de Janeiro, which received new equipment and improvements, modernizing Cargomax machine park and enhancing the capacity of national demand and support the export sales.


CARGOMAX Industrial Equipment

CARGOMAX Foundation

Beginning of Alexandra Kyrillos in the company

CARGOMAX Industrial Equipment

Development of the Network of Representatives at Brazil level

Equipe Manutencao
CARGOMAX Industrial Equipment

Creation of maintenance support team for São Paulo

CARGOMAX Industrial Equipment

Patricia Kyrillos assumes the commercial department of CARGOMAX

CARGOMAX Industrial Equipment

Expansion of the manufacturing plant of Duque de Caxias, RJ


CARGOMAX Industrial Equipment

Implementation of new technologies in equipment

CARGOMAX Industrial Equipment

Investments in software

CARGOMAX Industrial Equipment

Beginning of administrative restructuring

CARGOMAX Industrial Equipment

Creation of a direct line to support the installation of equipment with the admission of Catharina Kyrillos in Cargomax.


Parque Fabril
CARGOMAX Industrial Equipment

Investments in the manufacturing park

10 anos
CARGOMAX Industrial Equipment

CARGOMAX completes 10 years

CARGOMAX Industrial Equipment

First Sales Convention in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

CARGOMAX Industrial Equipment

First Meeting of Technical Training


CARGOMAX Industrial Equipment

March: Cargomax participates in CeMAT

CARGOMAX Industrial Equipment

Launch of NBMT tipper slider


CARGOMAX Industrial Equipment

Creation the export department to support all customers around the world and improve the connections with clients and key account with the factory.

CARGOMAX Industrial Equipment

Started sales operations in Latin America in partnership with the exclusive distributors.


R. Eustáquio de Azevedo 436 - Vila Maria Helena - Duque de Caxias - RJ - Tel: +55 (21) 2676-2560.

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